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In 1977, Nicaragua’s president was buying so much blood from his people critics called him a “vampire”

December 27, 2012
USDA photo. PD.

USDA photo. PD.

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, editor of La Prensa, one of Nicaragua’s major newspapers, accused President Somoza of owning part of a firm that bought blood plasma from peasants for pennies and shipped it to corporations in the United States at a huge profit. The poor were being herded to blood harvesting facilities like sheep being driven to the marketplace. La Prensa became a thorn in Somoza’s side and on January 10, 1978, Chamorro was assassinated.

(References: The United States and the Caribbean in the Twentieth Century by Lester D. Langley, pages 283-84; and “Nicaragua’s Somoza: Dictator at Bay” by David Reed, Reader’s Digest, January 1979, page 143.)